Businesses That Have Started Accepting Bitcoin

businesses accepting bitcoin

In this post, you will analyze Bitcoin as a business and the businesses that have started accepting bitcoin.

For something to be considered as money is for people to accept it as a means of payment.

Bitcoin at this very moment is serving as money for thousands of transactions between individuals and between individuals and companies.

Just take a look at Blockchain which keeps track of all the transactions that occur with bitcoin but for the moment something that many consider being more important and easier to understand is simply a list of merchants that accept bitcoin even as proof that it is not a virtual game currency.

Also to more easily convince friends, family, and acquaintances, to take an interest in the subject and start using all Bitcoin.

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Businesses accepting Bitcoin

Today, if you have a business you can start accepting payments with Bitcoin currency. In this article, we'll look at different organizations and businesses that accept Bitcoin. This is just a sample of some of the most famous and recognized names, but it's not exhaustive, and even less so because more and more names are being added to the list every day.

businesses accepting bitcoin


Non-Profit Organizations

In non-profit organizations, one could make a contribution to them at Bitcoin so that they can continue to carry out their daily work and in this way, we can positively impact the world with our contribution.

The first organization that we can comment on is the Wikimedia Foundation, which is responsible for a project that almost all of us have used at some time or at least have heard about it and of course we are referring to the Wikipedia site.

Sites like Wikipedia, are the ones that have just changed the way most people search and access information. Now it is no longer usual to go to the living room to look for the encyclopedia in which is the subject on which we want to know more in-depth and start reading an article, much less think about going to a library.

The most normal thing is to search about the subject in this website that in fact if you use it frequently you have probably already come across an ad in which we are asked in a very effusive way to make a donation and that is that this site is within the top 10 most visited websites in the world.

But as they themselves explain, by not charging for their services and by not placing advertisements on their pages, their only income is the donations that users can make.

Therefore, if we enjoy some online service that doesn't charge us and we want to contribute to keeping it working, we can make a donation with Bitcoin.

Charity and humanitarian support

On the other hand, if we want to make a donation to charity and social improvement works as well as support and humanitarian activities, we can do it with a donation in Bitcoin.

Currently, these are the NGOs that accept donations with Bitcoin:

Human Rights Foundation
UNICEF (Children's Rights)
Save the Children (Children's Rights)
War Child Canada
Fundraising "Children nd Food"
Omni Nano (Pre-university education in nanotechnology)
Jaunimo linija (Emotional and psychological support for young people)
Krizių įveikimo centras (Emotional and psychological support)

These donations are a way to help, using the power we have at hand and once again without our intention being diminished by the fees charged by financial institutions for simply processing our instruction.

Obviously, there are more non-profit organizations that accept donations with bitcoin, and there is also a large list of product and service brands that already accept Bitcoin.


Travel and Hotels

As we have mentioned, what we are presenting is not exhaustive but only seeks to make a sample of this type of business.

If we have Bitcoin in our portfolio and we really want to take a break from the hard work we've gone through to acquire these crypto units or our money in general, and we want to go on a trip. The great news is that we can now make a reservation using Bitcoin.

The Expedia website started accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment, so when we are ready to pay for a reservation we have made we can use the bitcoin units we have in our wallet.

Just think about it, a trip is usually one of the most expensive things we can buy after a house, apartment or a car, by this very fact Expedia accepts that we pay using Bitcoin.

It opens the possibility to pay for air tickets, lodging which in fact are almost always the biggest expenses we include in our travel, and even Expedia allows some other reservations and tours like renting a car at our destination and some expedition and other extras at the place we travel.


Buying physical goods

If we prefer to purchase something physical rather than a trip what we can do is go to one of the websites with the greatest variety of products that we can think of and pay for directly with bitcoins.

We are referring to, a site where we can not only buy a wide variety of products from jewelry to electronics or home products, but we will usually find them at a great discount thanks to the high volume of the site.

This website allows the purchase and shipment to any part of the world and in fact, it was announced with a great event that has begun to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment.

So now the difficult thing is to decide what we want to buy, since the offer is so big that as soon as we decide and know what we want, we can find it on this site and we are ready then to buy some of the products of the great range that offers, using, of course, the Bitcoins that we have in our wallet.


Buying Computers or Electronics

But if for the moment we don't want to or can't travel and we don't want to buy something banal like new quilts for the main room and we are rather focused on work, then it is very likely that acquiring a computer is something we will have to do sooner or later.

For this objective, we must talk about one of the most important news for Bitcoin in recent times and that is the fact that a name as famous, or a brand as important as Dell, will start accepting Bitcoins.

On the website of this giant one can go and order the purchase of some model of computer they have already ready on the site or rather configure our own laptop computer to the needs we have for example perhaps with greater capacities with more ram memory or a more powerful central processing unit or of course, a better graphics card.

But just the advantage is that we can enter the mining process with even this kind of more sophisticated equipment and thus have a greater chance of getting the reward of the process in the form of units of the cryptocurrency that we are mining.

It could be that we just want a new computer to watch the online series that we like so much or any other objective that we want but the fact is that since some time ago we can enter the website of this giant of the industry, place our order and once again when the time comes to settle our order we can pay it with Bitcoin.


More companies from important industries

Like Dell, more and more important names from different industries are joining the establishments that accept bitcoin, and of course, the more users of crypto-currencies there are, the more incentive there will be for organizations that do not yet accept this new form of money as a means of payment.

This, in turn, will further boost the acceptance of bitcoin and of course, this will ultimately result in the appreciation of the units of currency you have in your wallet up to that point.

In fact, that's why many people decide to enter the world of Bitcoin by taking it as an investment. That is, to buy units of cryptocurrency and hope that more and more people will use it and that more businesses will accept it en masse.

Inevitably it will result in an increase in value and when that happens these investors can do two things: one can be to go to the exchange house they trust and give the instruction to exchange their bitcoin units for local currency at the market price which would result in a large profit, as they acquired their bitcoin at a low price waited for it to increase in value and sold it effectively realizing that significant profit.

In fact, the other way he could enjoy the fruits of his investment would be to simply take advantage of the increase in value of his Bitcoins and use them to buy perhaps twice as many trips directly from Expedia, or twice as many personal computers from Dell or any of the other businesses that are beginning to accept Bitcoin on a daily basis.



The important thing about this point, as we have said, is not that we had a list of all the places where we could spend our bitcoins because we have to mention something that is also happening more and more, but that depends totally on the country of the region where we are, and that is the fact that small places, for example, boutique cafes, restaurants, and even flower shops, have started to accept bitcoins as a means of payment.

What is really important is that we realize that if at this point you are not yet using bitcoin, it is clear that you are in a great moment to start doing so and still be one of those that many consider as early adopters of this innovation that has the power to change the way we live and at the same time that it will achieve that potential it will increase its value in a way that is truly incredible.

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