Learn More About Bitcoin: Bitcoin Movies And Books

If you want to learn more about Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrencies, we recommend the following Bitcoin movies and books.

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Bitcoin Movies

We will now see some recommendations for Bitcoin movies, documentaries, and presentations.

Inside Job

First of all, in case you are not familiar with the financial crisis of 2008, I would like to start by recommending a documentary called “Inside Job”. If you have not yet seen this documentary, I would strongly recommend that you do so so that you can get an idea of what was happening behind the scenes four years before the real crisis came to light. This film is from 2010, but if you think it is an old-fashioned documentary, I warn you that this film can be shocking. If you’ve seen it before, maybe a long time ago, you could see it again.



The Bitcoin Story

The next film, an excellent documentary about Bitcoin and Satoshi called “The Bitcoin Story”, is a short documentary of approximately 35 minutes from 2014 that focuses mainly on the creation of Bitcoin and how Satoshi Nakamoto solved the problem of double-spending. It’s a great documentary to watch and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it very much.



Bitcoin: The end of money as we know it

The next is a documentary called “Bitcoin: The end of money as we know it”.

This is a 2015 documentary that focuses on the history of money through civilizations and explains the differences between different types of money transfer capacity, stability, security, deposit value, etc.


The rise and rise of Bitcoin

The next documentary you should put on your watch list is called “The rise and rise of Bitcoin”.

A documentary from 2014, which doesn’t focus as much on Satoshi as it should, but the main focus seems to be the Bitcoin ecosystem, and it’s a great documentary to watch.


Magic Money

Another documentary that I think is of much higher quality than others, quite recent, made in 2017 is called “Magic Money”, with the subtitle the Bitcoin revolution.

This film lasts about an hour and focuses mainly on Bitcoin in our current environment.

The ratings on IMDB shouldn’t scare you, and the reason I recommend you watch this is because it’s very relevant to the recent situation regarding the Bitcoin ecosystem.


Bitcoin Books

There are a lot of books on Bitcoin and crypto coins that are excellent, but there is only a handful that gives you a general idea of Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity or personality. Here are my recommendations for the best Bitcoin books.

bitcoin movies


The Book of Satoshi

My first recommendation is from Phil Champagne, called The Book of Satoshi. This book is a collection of writings by Satoshi, including all his forum postings and personal emails that were sent by those who communicated with Satoshi. You can also search the internet and find everything in this book, but it might take some time, so why not have it all in one place? The audiobook, which lasts approximately seven and a half hours.


Bitcoin, The Future of Money?

The next book that I would recommend is called “Bitcoin, the Future of Money?” by Dominic Frisbee, which you can also get the audio version that lasts about six and a half hours.


Digital Gold

My favorite book is by Nathaniel Popper and it’s called “Digital Gold“. This is the best of all, the author is also a journalist for the New York Times and once you read this book, you will realize that he has researched a lot about the key people, the contributors who created Bitcoin and provides a lot of personal information that nobody talks about.


Mastering Bitcoin

Another book related to Bitcoin that I would recommend is, of course, the one by Andreas Antonopoulos called Mastering Bitcoin. This is not only an excellent book to learn about Bitcoin, but it’s also a great help in preparing you to take the CBP (Certified Bitcoin Professional) and CBE (Certified Bitcoin Expert) exams.


The Internet of Money

Andreas also has other books that are more beginner-friendly called “The Internet of Money: Volume one and volume two”, so if you’re a beginner, I’d recommend those two before you try reading his main book called Mastering Bitcoin.


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

There are other books that are also good reading, for example, from Keizer Sóze, called Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies, this book has six manuscripts, including two bitcoin books, two blockchain books, and two cryptocurrency books. One of the Bitcoin books focuses on the basics of Bitcoin and the other is why and how to invest in Bitcoin.

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One of the Blockchain books is for beginners, but the other is very advanced and explains all the skills that are required to create a Blockchain. Of the two crypto coin books, one is for investing and the other one is for traders. This book is over 700 pages long, and it’s too useful, as it gives a general idea of the whole ecosystem of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and cryptocurrencies, so I recommend this one too.


The Bitcoin Standard

Finally, a great book about a history of Saifedean Ammous money called “The Bitcoin Standard”, with the subtitle, the decentralized alternative to center our banking. A rather new book, which came out in June 2018 and, you can find it not only in book form but also in audiobook form.



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