Bitcoin Investing: How To Invest And Who Should Invest?

bitcoin investing

When we talk about Bitcoin Investing and how to invest in this digital currency, several questions arise: How do I invest in Bitcoin? What are my options?

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Bitcoin investing: How to Invest in Bitcoin?

The number of people who are starting to invest in Bitcoin has grown in the last few years. There are almost four ways to invest in Bitcoin:

Buy and hold.
Trading company.
Be a trader.
Artificial intelligence robots.

bitcoin investing


Buy and Hold

The first would be to buy and sell on your own, which is also called "buy and hold". For example, this is a very risky method because you buy and hold in the hope that the value will increase in order to sell it.

This method can be very good if you have capital that can be stopped and if you know the right time to buy and sell, so you will maximize your income.


Trading company

The second method would be to hire the services of a trading company.

In this method you hire a company that will invest your money, do all the manipulation to maximize your profits and she will decide the best time to buy and sell, this method is safer than the previous one, but it has a very high cost since these companies get a good commission on their profits.


Being a trader

The third method is to study to become a trader. This can be very interesting if you really like this subject if you have a facility with numbers and with the subject.

The great difficulty of this method is that it involves a lot of study time and training before you achieve success.

You need to invest a lot in your learning, this can cause a great loss of money in the course of your journey.

This is a risky way since it is up to you to become excellent at this profession, but if you like something and are attracted to it, you should go ahead.


Artificial Intelligence Robots

Finally, we have the fourth method of reversing using artificial intelligence robots. This is a new method that is growing rapidly every day taking more shape in the market.

Artificial intelligence trading robots were created a few years ago by market analysts to speed up and optimize decision making in order to make more money in less time.

There are several companies in the market that provide robots for use through commissions and rentals or even at fixed rates.

It is a very new method, it is one of the safest guaranteed investment methods that you should only be very careful with the company you choose because every new market is very curious and many people offer things they do not have.

This is the most advisable way for those who want to invest in Bitcoins and don't want to become a trader.

Even for that person who wants to become a trader, it's better to start this way, to see if this is what you want because it's a simpler and easier way that doesn't require a lot of knowledge.

You can have a very good view of the whole market and harvest the initial fruits in a short time, but before you start investing in Bitcoin, you should invest time in knowing everything that has been happening in the market in the last few years, how Bitcoin works, how the buying and selling process is, etc.

This is very important so you know where you're investing your money.


What types of people should or should not invest in bitcoin?

To answer this question, you should first analyze if you have an investor profile and what your profile is.

For this, there are a series of questions to help you define whether or not you are ready to follow this path.

Based on your answers, you will reflect and analyze whether or not your profile is really suitable for investing in Bitcoin. Don't hide what you think would be the best answer, but what would be the best answer according to your profile that really suits you, since you're right, so you'll have a safer result.

To begin the test, the first thing you'll do is answer the following four questions honestly:

Are you tired of leading a life more or less because you know you deserve to have a better life?
Do you have any great dreams you want to achieve?
Is there a person, partner, child, a parent that you would like to help and give a better life?
Are you reaching your potential?

In the first set of questions, if you answered at least one of the questions, yes, you already have the most important motivation that you will wake up more and more every day and say that you want to and can do this is one of the most important things, to be motivated, to know what you want.

Now, if you answered yes to two or more questions, you have everything you need. These first questions were the basic questions just to define whether or not you have reasons to change your life if you have what will put you on track after your goals.


Do you have the attitude to take risks?

Now that we know you have one or more reasons to change your life, let's move on to the next set of questions.

To answer the following questions, concentrate mentally before you answer:

Are you the kind of person who, when you want something, sits back and waits for a miracle, or do you have an attitude where you pursue your goal and make it happen?
Would you be able to endure criticism from other overtime just to achieve your goals?
When an opportunity arises, do you think a million times and finally give up for fear of insecurity or because you don't like to take risks?

Take your time to answer.

If you chose yes to one of the questions, you are on the right path, but it is advisable to work, meditate and study these questions better so that when you repeat these questions you feel stronger.

If you said yes to two or three of the questions, then congratulations, you have great potential and no doubt you will achieve your goals, but you must continue to study and work hard to achieve this potential.

Now, if you said yes to all of the above questions, then wow, you are with everything, however, you are just strong and have a beautiful road ahead of you.

Let's now move on to the next question which has multiple choices in its answer.

When you fall, what do you do? Do you curl up like a snail and want nothing to do with life? or do you feel defeated and pointing fingers?

This is a very important question and it says a lot about who you are and what your profile is.

If you choose the first option, it is normal and natural, since many people feel this way, even the strongest people have this feeling of defeat when something happens that they feel bad, but the most important thing is how long this feeling lasts.

Does this feeling last a few seconds, a couple of hours, a few days, weeks, months or is it eternal? It is important to think about these issues.

If you answered yes to the question that if you feel defeated, you can rest easy and that is normal nobody is upset by a fall and a defeat is a natural human defense, it is totally normal.

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What differentiates winners and losers are not the timing, but the ability to recover and keep trying.

Of course, the longer you stay in this state of anger, guilt, the more time you're wasting, so if your time in this state is too long, try again for better results and, of course, this is just a basic test of whether you have the right profile of an investor.

Every entrepreneur who wants to invest and succeed must know how to answer the questions above, to know that the risks he will take are part of the way.

Don't let outside influences or noise affect your decision making.

Stand up to any obstacle you encounter along the way.

To obtain this mentality, you must invest a lot of your time not only in working but also in reevaluating how much you want your dreams to come true.

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